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Ariaf Presents Woodwork furniture with multiple Designs of physical features that can lead to stress-reduction, productivity and general well being. We Strategically incorporate sensory designs in every living space.  A comprehensive and interrelated sensory experience can flare up the imagination and provide spaces with a sense of peaceful calm or vibrant energy.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a classic piece or another with a pop of color, rest assured that with Ariaf’s complete mood solution will revamp your space to shine with your character.



Sound in our living space affects profoundly: it affects our emotions and our cognition.


Ariaf helps you use colors strategically to set the mood of your home right and give a unique character to your living space, moreover follow the basic principles of colour psychology, to  promote desired behaviors. 


Is closely associated with the emotion of comfort and warmth (or lack thereof). Natural materials like wood and textiles like the soft wool in a shag rug are often associated with a “warm, cozy feeling.”


Detach yourself from the outside world, enter a world where everything is specially made just for you, where everything caters to your taste.

Complete Mood solution that crafts feeling, effect and atmosphere.